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Whether you like reading a blog, need employer forms, reading short answers to essential questions, need an integration, or sitting back and watching a video, our Knowledge Base is the place to learn!

There is a lot of digital noise out there in the vastness of the Internet. Here, we try to cut through the din and give you practical and actionable evidence-based information to get you on your way fast. But, of course, you can always call us too.

Knowledge Base

evidence-based articles


Because of our advanced education, our blogs are written through an evidence-based lens. What is evidence-based HR? It means that when we make an HR claim or recommendation, we support it with evidence from scholarship that is both transparent and rigorous.

For example, we write about:

documents for your organization

employer forms

Finding the proper form or document for your organization to use is challenging. So, we’ve assembled an assortment of forms and documents for you.

Disclaimer: Employer Forms are intended for general information purposes only and not legal advice. You’re urged to consult a lawyer concerning any legal questions you may have.

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Questions & Answers

questions & answers


Sometimes you need short answers to essential questions. Unlike a blog that can be TLDR, we endeavor to answer your most important questions in a few sentences.

For example, we answer questions about:

connect seamlessly


Our integrations bridge the gap between your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Human Resource Information System (HRIS), or Human Resource Management System (HRMS) and our technology to ensure a secure and seamless flow of applicant information.

seamles integration
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hate to read? this is for you.


We have a YouTube channel where we upload videos about human resources, background checks, and testimonials. It’s a great place to sit back with your favorite beverage and learn.


We write articles about human resources, background checks, and technology to inform and educate.

Employer Forms

Our Employer Forms and documents will help your company stay compliant and automate your hiring process.


Do you have questions? We've got answers, and they can be found here. We can help get you on your way quickly.


With more than 50 integrations through an API, we can easily integrate our system with your organization's ATS, HRIS, or HRMS.


We frequently post videos about human resources and background checks to our YouTube channel.

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