Identity Verifications

Make sure your applicants are who they say they are.

trust & safety

Why are Identity Verifications Important?

Identity Verifications are important because applicants may be using stolen identities. Thus, verifying an applicant’s identity is foundational to the accuracy of your background check.

Using Identity Verifications can help you:

We highly recommend Identity Verifications because they’re foundational
to an accurate and complete background check.

Identity Cross-Check

Verify your Canadian applicant's identity by cross-checking with information from Canada's credit bureaus.

SIN Verification

Verify your Canadian applicant's employment eligibility from their unique Social Insurance Number (SIN).

SSN Trace

Validate your applicant's Social Security Number (SSN), discover their past address history, and more.

SSN Verification

Verify your applicant's name, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth from the Social Security Administration.

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