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SSN trace

A Social Security Number, or SSN Trace, is foundational to any accurate and comprehensive background check. It can prove helpful in determining the identity of your applicant. It also discovers the past address history associated with your applicant’s Social Security Number (SSN) within the last seven years.

The past address history from the SSN Trace helps you determine which county, state, and federal jurisdictions you should add for a more comprehensive background check.

Why Should You Always Include an SSN Trace?

  1. It identifies issues quickly. An SSN with a different name might indicate identity theft or mistaken or false identity. Multiple names associated with an SSN are even more problematic because, intentionally or by mistake, the credit file has been merged with other persons.
  2. It helps confirm identity. While an SSN is not considered a primary identifier when performing criminal records checks, it does lessen confusion from someone with a similar name and Date of Birth (DOB).
  3. It identifies more places to search. For example, suppose your applicant has lived in multiple locations. In that case, you may consider adding jurisdictions to achieve a more comprehensive background check, especially if your applicant uses a maiden name or an alias.

An SSN Trace is foundational to any accurate and comprehensive background check.

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SSN trace

1 On June 25, 2011, the SSN randomization algorithm was changed, which made an SSN’s state of issuance going forward indeterminable.

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1 A separate form is required. See > Knowledge Base > Employer Forms for Form SSA-89 from SSA.

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