4-Panel Drug screen

A basic drug screen without checking for marijuana.

drug screenings

4-panel drug screen

A drug screen helps you determine the presence of prescription and/or illicit drugs in a person’s body. A 4-Panel Drug Screen is a basic drug screen that does not check for marijuana.

A primary use case is a state that has relaxed its marijuana laws for personal usage. With over 3,000+ installations nationwide, our strategic partner seamlessly integrates into our platform for fast results.

Drug screenings improve your organization’s
workplace productivity, safety, and culture.

what 4-panel drug screens show

what 5-panel drug screens show1

1 Also used for International Drug Screen.

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2As of January 1, 2024, California AB 2188 prohibits employers from testing for Marijuana when hiring unless the position is safety-sensitive and driven by the End User’s policy. If the position is not safety-sensitive, it is recommended that you select a different drug screening product that does NOT include Marijuana.
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