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Federal Criminal

A Federal Criminal search is a crucial component of an employment background check that focuses specifically on an applicant’s criminal history at the federal level in the United States. This search is conducted by accessing databases and records maintained by federal law enforcement agencies and federal courts. It aims to uncover any criminal offenses that fall under federal jurisdiction, such as crimes against the United States government, interstate crimes, and offenses that cross state lines.

You should order a County Criminal and a Single State Criminal based on the address history generated from the SSN Trace, résumé, and employment application to create a more complete and accurate background check.

The importance of conducting a Federal Criminal search in an employment background check lies in the need for employers to make informed hiring decisions and ensure a safe and secure work environment. Here are key reasons why such a search is vital:

1. Comprehensive Criminal History

  • Federal Criminal searches provide a more comprehensive view of an applicant’s criminal history, as they include offenses that may not be captured in state or county-level checks. This is especially important for positions where a high level of trust and responsibility is required.

2. National Scope

  • Federal Criminal searches cover offenses committed across state lines or against federal agencies, making them essential for employers with a national or multi-state presence. This helps in identifying criminal activity that might not be apparent in a localized search.

3. Security and Safety Concerns

  • Certain positions, particularly those involving national security, finance, or public safety, require a thorough examination of an individual’s background. Federal Criminal searches help employers identify potential security risks and ensure the safety of their workplace.

4. Legal Compliance

  • Some industries and positions are subject to regulatory requirements that mandate federal background checks. Conducting a Federal Criminal search helps employers comply with these regulations, avoiding legal complications and ensuring due diligence in the hiring process.

5. Protection Against Liability

  • By conducting a Federal Criminal search, employers can demonstrate that they took reasonable steps to screen candidates for potential risks. This proactive approach can help protect the employer from liability in the event of an unforeseen incident involving an employee with a criminal history.

You should order a County, State, and Federal Criminal search together
for a comprehensive employment background check.

County Criminal

Federal Criminal

Single-State Criminal

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