Identity Cross-Check

Verify your Canadian applicant's identity.

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Identity Cross-Check

An Identity Cross-Check is a check that cross-references data provided by Canadian credit bureaus (e.g., name, address, employment, and alias information) to verify your applicant’s identity. It identifies inconsistencies using the data provided from the applicant consent form.

Also, it helps reveal more criminal records because it inserts aliases into a criminal record check that you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

An Identity Cross-Check verifies the identity of your Canadian applicant.

identity cross-check

Sin verification

SSN trace

1 On June 25, 2011, the SSN randomization algorithm was changed, which made an SSN’s state of issuance going forward indeterminable.

SSN verification

1 A separate form is required. See > Knowledge Base > Employer Forms for Form SSA-89 from SSA.

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