HR complete

Your very own dedicated evidence-based HR consultant.

HR complete

A Comprehensive Solution to Bridge Your Company's
HR Gap

When it comes to Human Resources, you shouldn’t go it alone. With HR Complete, you’ll never have to. Your dedicated evidence-based HR consultant is at your side every step to help with your human resources.

California has the country’s most employee-centric and complex employment laws. For this reason, HR Complete is exclusive to California companies.

Often, companies engage us to:

HR Complete

Evidence-based HR Consultant

$ 1,999 /mo
  • Evidence-based HR Consultant
  • Monthly Rate
  • No Minimums
  • Services Exclusive to California
  • Weekdays: 8:30am - 5pm (PT)


we can help with:

Commonly asked questions:

a sample HR complete timeline

Program Review

Setting the Foundation

Training and Compliance

Records and Recruiting

Annual Reporting and Compensation

Year 2
Strategic Planning and Deep Dives

HR Compliance Executive Summary and Gap Analysis, HR Action Plan, Employee Handbook and Workplace policies, eAlerts and eLearnings.

Required Workplace Postings Checklist, 1099 Compliance Review, eAlerts and eLearnings.

Employee Records Retention Policy, eAlerts and eLearnings. Annual Reporting Obligation Compliance (e.g., ACA, OSHA, EEO-1), eAlerts and eLearnings.

Annual Compliance & Policy Review, Annual Employee Handbook Revision, eAlerts and eLearnings.

Recruiting and Hiring Compliant Job Application, Compliant Job Description Template.

New Hire Letter Template, New Hire Kit of Required State and Federal Forms.

Onboarding Checklist, Recruiting Strategies. Candidate Screening Support and Education, Background Check Compliance. Adverse Impact and Biases in Recruiting, Recruiting Campaign Analysis, Onboarding Program Analysis.
Talent Development Wage and Hour Training.

Sick Leave Law Compliance (if applicable).

Leaves Compliance and Training.

Career Planning Program, Employee Goal Setting, Exit Interview Program Considerations.
Compensation Rewards & Performance Total Compensation Template.

Ensure Proper Payroll Deductions, Review Commission and Bonus Pay Compliance.

Variable Pay Incentive Plan Discussion, Company Mission, Vision, and Values Aligned with Employer Brand.

HR Complete helps your California company
get ahead – and stay that way.

Evidence-based Human Resources

Great HR has the power to transform a company. But it can be challenging without the right HR strategy. With HR Complete, an evidence-based HR consultant will answer your questions and bridge your company's HR gap.

Save Time, Energy, and Money

You're busy. You don't have the time to handle HR matters, update a handbook, develop a recruiting and hiring process, or conduct a workforce compensation analysis. HR Complete will do that for you so that you can focus on growing your company.

Get and Stay Compliant

It's no secret that HR is complicated – and it's only getting more each year in California. With HR Complete, an evidence-based HR consultant will help your company get and stay compliant.

Prioritize Your HR Needs

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is figuring out what to work on first. HR Complete will help you prioritize your HR needs and efficiently tackle them individually.

HR Hourly

Perfect for urgent matters, specific questions, or short-
term projects.

HR Complete

A comprehensive solution to bridge your company's HR gap.

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