International background Checks

Has your applicant previously lived, worked, or studied in another country?

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Why are International Background Checks Important?

U.S. applicants who have lived, studied, or worked around the globe should also be screened. Of course, some International Background Checks are more challenging than their domestic counterparts and should not be overlooked.

International Background Checks can help you:

We have a 30-year network of global sources that ensures our
International Background Checks are complete and accurate.

Canada Credit Check

Gain insight into an applicant's integrity and responsibility in managing their finances.

Canada Driving Record

Instantly gain insight into DUIs, driving history, license status, and violations.

Identity Cross-Check

Know who you're hiring. Assess whether an applicant is who they say they are.

international criminal

Find criminal records for those U.S. applicants who have lived, worked, or studied in foreign countries.

international drug screen

A 5-Panel Drug screen for applicants who are located in Canada and Europe.

international employment verification

Verifies dates of employment, job title, and responsibilities from international companies.

international education verification

Verifies attendance dates, majors, and degrees from international colleges and universities.

Office of Foreign Assets Control Plus

It's recommended for companies with government contracts.

SIN Verification

Know who you're hiring. Assess whether an applicant is who they say they are.

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