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A whopping 96% of all employers surveyed stated that their organizations conducted one or more types of background checks.¹ Why? Because it helps you:

¹ (2017). National Survey: Employers Universally Using Background Checks to Protect Employees, Customers and the Public. Retrieved from

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We get it. The process of hiring can be super annoying.
Fortunately, we have a super easy platform that provides the following:

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We know, the background check industry has a lot of fees.
Fortunately, we try to minimize them by having:

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What’s application fatigue? It’s like cart abandonment, but for background checks. You won’t lose another candidate because:

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Civil Record Checks

Important for applicants who will have management and financial responsibilities.

Credit Checks

Gain insight into an applicant's integrity and responsibility in managing their finances.

Criminal Record Checks

Felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions help you assess an applicant's risk.

Driving Record Checks

Instantly gain insight into DUIs, driving history, license status, and violations.

Drug Screenings

Increase the productivity of your employees and maintain a safer workplace environment.

Education Verifications

Discover degree fraud by verifying your applicant's degree, training, or certification.

Employment Verifications

Discover résumé padding by verifying your applicant's dates of employment, title, and more.

Global Sanctions &
Watch Lists

It's recommended for companies with government contracts.

Health Care Sanctions

Gain insight into a healthcare professional's medical background.

Identity Verifications

Know who you're hiring. Assess whether an applicant is who they say they are.

instant checks

For when a 48-hour turnaround is just too long, and you need it now!

International background checks

Perfect for applicants who have lived, worked or studied in other countries.

Occupational Health Screenings

Determine if your applicant is physically suited for a particular role to prevent work-related injuries.

Reference Verifications

Gain insight into your applicant's trustworthiness, reliability, and shortcomings.

Social Media Checks

An AI-driven check of your applicant's profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and forums.

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Ted Connor, Attorney at Law
Ted Connor, Attorney at Law
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