HR hourly

Great for Specific Tasks and Projects

HR hourly

Great for Specific Tasks
and Projects

Do you need a specific task or project completed? With HR Hourly, your Evidence-based HR Consultant is ready to hit the ground running.

California has the country’s most employee-centric and complex employment laws, but we can help you no matter what state you’re in.

Often, we’re asked to complete specific tasks and projects relating to:

HR Hourly


$ 200 /hr
  • Pre-Paid Consulting
  • 10-hour Blocks
  • Great for specific tasks and projects
  • Schedule 1st Consult After Purchase
  • Evidence-based HR Consultant
  • Includes Custom Client Portal
  • Weekdays: 8:30am - 5pm (PT)


We Can Help With:

commonly asked questions:

HR Hourly is great for specific tasks and projects.

Pre-Paid Consulting

With pre-paid 10-hour blocks, your Evidence-based HR Consultant is ready to knock-out those pesky HR tasks and projects that have been siting on your desk for the last six months. Also includes custom client portal.

Prioritize Your HR Needs

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is figuring out what to work on first. HR Hourly will help you prioritize your HR needs and efficiently tackle them individually.

Get and Stay Compliant

HR is complicated. An Evidence-based HR Consultant will help your company navigate the complex world of human resources.

Evidence-based Human Resources

HR Hourly is here to help answer your questions and perform tasks and projects you need completed – through an evidence-based lens.

HR Now

Pay-as-you-go consulting is best for urgent matters or concerns.

HR Hourly

Pre-paid consulting is great for specific tasks and projects.

HR Complete

Fixed-rate consulting is perfect for a comprehensive approach.

"trustHR has an extensive knowledge of all things HR
and is very good at explaining."
Tara Newton
Tara Newton, RN, MSN
Newton Legal Nurse Consulting - San Diego, CA

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