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Do you need HR services on an as-needed basis?

HR hourly

HR by the Hour - When you Need it the Most

With HR Hourly, you’re in the driver’s seat. Ask as many HR-related questions as you want. Your evidence-based HR Consultant is ready to answer them, but sometimes research might be required.

California has the most complicated, complex employment laws in the country. For this reason, HR Hourly is exclusively for California organizations.

We can help you with the following:

HR Hourly

Evidence-based HR Consultant

$ 195 /hr
  • Evidence-based HR Consultant
  • Direct Access
  • Exclusive to California
  • Weekdays: 8:30am - 5pm (PT)


commonly asked questions:

HR Hourly helps your California organization
on an as-needed basis.

An Evidence-based HR Consultant in Your Corner

Great HR has the power to transform an organization. But it can be challenging to go it alone. With HR Hourly, you're partnered with an evidence-based HR Consultant to help answer your questions and perform tasks you need to accomplish.

You'll Save Time, Energy, and Hassle

You're busy. Sometimes too busy to handle mounting HR projects, like updating your handbook, creating a policy, writing job offers, posting jobs, or researching the latest rules and regulations. HR Hourly does that for you so that you can focus on growing your organization.

Stay Ahead of New Rules and Regulations

It's no secret that HR is a complicated field – and it's only getting more complex each year in California. Your evidence-based HR Consultant will help you stay ahead of new employment trends and regulations.

Focus on Your HR Priorities

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is figuring out what to work on first. HR Hourly will help you prioritize your HR needs and efficiently tackle them one by one.

Support Center

A comprehensive DIY suite of HR forms, policies, and resources.


Support Center plus unlimited access to a team of certified HR professionals.


An evidence-based HR Consultant that will help you with any matter from hire to fire.


A dedicated HR professional that will help bridge your company's HR gap.

Learn Courses

A comprehensive video library of courses for managers and employees.

"trustHR has an extensive knowledge of all things HR
and is very good at explaining."
Tara Newton
Tara Newton, RN, MSN
Newton Legal Nurse Consulting - San Diego, CA

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