Résumé Fraud: What It Is and How to Avoid It

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Résumé Fraud: What It Is and How to Avoid It

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Dr. Patrick K. Collard

In today’s highly competitive job market, some job seekers are tempted to embellish or outright fabricate their résumés in order to appear more qualified for the job they want. This practice, known as résumé fraud, can have serious consequences for both the job seeker and the employer.

Résumé fraud occurs when an individual falsifies information on their résumé in order to make themselves appear more qualified for a job. This can include exaggerating job titles, dates of employment, educational achievements, and skills. Some job seekers even go as far as creating fake references or creating fake certificates.

The consequences of résumé fraud can be serious. For the job seeker, getting caught can lead to immediate termination, damage to their reputation, and difficulty finding future employment. For the employer, hiring someone who has committed resume fraud can result in costly mistakes, decreased productivity, and damage to the company’s reputation.

To avoid résumé fraud, employers should verify the information on a job seeker’s résumé. This can be done by checking their educational credentials, contacting previous employers, and conducting reference checks. Employers should also use background checks to verify the information provided by the job seeker.

For job seekers, it’s important to remember that honesty is always the best policy. Falsifying information on your résumé may help you get the job in the short term, but it’s likely to catch up with you in the long term. If you’re unsure about your qualifications for a job, consider seeking additional education or training before applying.

In conclusion, résumé fraud is a serious issue in today’s job market. Both job seekers and employers can take steps to avoid it, such as conducting background checks and verifying the information provided on a resume. By being honest and transparent, everyone can benefit in the long run.

Dr. Patrick K. Collard is the Managing Member & Evidence-based HR Consultant for trustHR | GObackgrounds (San Diego, CA and Brookfield, WI). He has over 30 years of experience as a human resources consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Society and a Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations with a concentration in Employment and Labor Law from Penn State University. Dr. Collard earned his doctorate from the University of Maryland Global Campus. He defended his dissertation – Recruiting the Untapped Talent Pool of Hiring an Employee with a Criminal Record: A Systematic Review. Schedule a Discovery Call with Dr. Collard at – https://calendly.com/patrickcollard/discovery-call

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