Employment Screening, Employment Background Checks

Employment Screening


The employment screening industry is jurisdictionally and needlessly complex due in large part to our decentralized U.S. criminal justice system. International is not much better, just different.

Consequently, we continually ask ourselves:

  1. Will these searches actually meet our client’s objective, budget and still be judged as a “reasonable” form of due diligence according to the courts?
  2. What information must be redacted prior to our client receiving the final report, so as to not have them run afoul of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, or state and local statutes?

Most employment screening companies are happy to sell you an instant search from a database containing millions of records and send you on your way. However, at trustHR | GObackgrounds we design your employment background check based on a number of industry-related factors and a thorough consultation.

Your background check will be statutorily compliant, fiscally conservative, and all without sacrificing its quality which has become a hallmark of our attention to detail.

Human Resources Consulting


Most new and small businesses cannot afford legal counsel or even to hire a part-time HR manager because they are focused on sales and growth, which makes perfect sense. As a result, HR functions end-up being delegated to the owner whose time is severely limited or to someone else who only has a superficial understanding of Human Resources in today’s modern business environment.

The two biggest questions that new clients ask us are:

  1. Beyond traditional recruiting methodologies, is there a better and more efficient way to attract and interview top talent?
    Yes. Gone are the days of expensive recruiters and headhunters and the ubiquitous initial in-person interviews. Through intensive social media recruiting and synchronous structured video interviewing, trustHR | GObackgrounds not only help you attract and interview top talent but help you retain them as well through our complete hiring process solution.
  2. How do I stay compliant while my company adds employees and grows?
    It comes down to setting the proper foundation. Handbooks and policies are the most overlooked aspect of HR. We will help you craft these documents while keeping in mind the most relevant federal, state, and local statutes.

Although your questions may differ, our Human Resources Consulting will help your business compete, succeed and grow from day one.

Human Resources Consulting
San Diego Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations


We have been providing ethical and neutral workplace investigations to employment and labor law attorneys since 1991.

Whether we are conducting workplace investigations, interviewing witnesses, taking witness statements, conducting legal research, performing credibility checks, or testifying in court, our objective is to provide litigation support services that increase your productivity, reduces your bottom line, and helps you win cases.

As Workplace Investigators:

  1. We are neutral finders of fact.
  2. We never compromise our integrity or your case.
  3. Our advanced graduate-level education and over 25-years of experience is your greatest asset in and out of court.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your workplace investigation needs. If you are an attorney who is located in downtown San Diego, Patrick K. Collard would be happy to meet with you at your offices to discuss your matter in person. Please note that we do not provide private investigation services to the general public.