What are the 3 most important factors to consider when selecting an employment screening company?

In order of importance: (1) Quality of work product; (2) Degree of communication; and (3) Compensation for services.

What do you charge for your employment screening services?

We are subject-matter experts in employment screening and custom tailor our background checks to each client. Please contact Patrick K. Collard at 1(888) 462-2251-1 x 83 where through a series of questions, he will design a background check that is time-efficient and cost-effective for your company.

Is it simple to open an account?

Yes. It could not be easier. It should take an average typist less than 7 minutes.

Does it cost to open an account?

No. There is no charge for opening an account.

How does trustHR | GObackgrounds charge for its work?

Employment screening is billed per Search. Our Human Resources Consulting and Workplace Investigations are billed on an hourly basis depending on the project/case.

How long does it take to approve my account?

Typically less than an hour, if your application is complete and accurate.

If my company opens an account, will you run a background check on me?

No. However, we do vet clients that wish to work with us to ensure their legitimacy. If requested, you may be asked to email us the following information to service@trustHR.com:

  1. A copy of your business license.
  2. Your company website with your direct company email address.
  3. Copies of other related business documents, e.g., Articles of Incorporation, professional licenses.

Are there any situations where an account may not be approved?

  1. Businesses not recognized or not in good standing with their State of registration.
  2. Individuals wishing to conduct a background check on themselves – even if for job purposes.
  3. Individuals wishing to conduct a background check on another individual for purposes other than pre-employment.